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Advantage Controls manufactures a complete line of equipment for water treatment professionals. Controllers, pumps, coupon racks, glycol + bypass feeders and other accessories for cooling tower, closed loop and boiler applications.

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Advantage Controller CatalogAdvantage Controller Catalog
Advantage MegaTron XS ControllersAdvantage MegaTron XS Controllers
Advantage NanoTron Controller Data SheetAdvantage NanoTron Controller Data Sheet
Advantage Pump CatalogAdvantage Pump Catalog
MegaTron MT DataSheetMegaTron MT DataSheet
MicroLinx Series L Pumps DataSheetMicroLinx Series L Pumps DataSheet
MicroLinx Series M Pumps DataSheetMicroLinx Series M Pumps DataSheet

Coupon Racks

Corrosion coupon racks are used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of water treatment programs against corrosion in cooling towers as well as chilled and hot water systems. Our racks meet ASTM specifications and are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment. Choose from PVC or black iron in 2 or 4
station configurations.

Downloadable Files

Coupon RacksCoupon Racks

Bypass Feeders

Bypass Feeders are designed to provide a dependable means of introducing treatment chemicals into hot and cold water or other liquid streams with a large filtration capacity. Bypass Feeders have a simple design that provides easy installation and operation with precise filtering capabilities. The course
ACME thread cap design provides better sealing and quick opening.


  • Powder Coated
  • Handle-top filter holder
  • Full bottom drain
  • Flat and dome bottom models
  • Custom configurations
  • Adjustable leg kit
  • ACME cap

Downloadable Files

Bypass Feeders DataSheetBypass Feeders DataSheet

Pre-Fab Systems

Advantage Controls prefabricated systems simplify the installation of water treatment control equipment, saving time and money.
CM controller mount boards economically accommodate a singe controller with your customized sample stream configuration.
Sample streams can include isolation valves, strainer, back check, quick release injection tees, corrosion coupon holders and a bleed-off leg.


  • Simplify Installation
  • Convenient Configuration
  • Sample Stream Options
  • Customize to Your System
  • Corrosion Resistant Panel

Downloadable Files

Pre-Fab Systems / Controller Mount BoardsPre-Fab Systems / Controller Mount Boards

Bleed-Off Valves

Downloadable Files

Bleed-off Valves DataSheetBleed-off Valves DataSheet

WebAdvantage Device Internet Communications

Stay connected to your MegaTron, MegaTronXS controllers!
Web Advantage keeps you in constant contact with all of your on-line MegaTron controllers at one time over the World Wide Web.


  • Advanced Encryption Security
  • Change Setting Remotely
  • No Software to Load
  • Back-Up Server Assurance
  • Advanced Summary Page
  • Email Alarm Notification
  • Constant Connection
  • Server Stored History
  • Report Templates
  • Enhanced Custom Reporting
  • Easier Administration Control

Downloadable Files

WebAdvantage DataSheetWebAdvantage DataSheet

Cellular Packages

Downloadable Files

Cellular Packages DataSheetCellular Packages DataSheet