Quantrol Motorized Ball Valves

Quantrol Motorized Ball Valves with Capacitor Return


  • Compact Design Sizes: 1/2, 3/4,1, 1.5 and 2 inch NPT
  • 115 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • 125 F Maximum Temperature; 145 PSI Maximum Pressure
  • Valve Position Indicator. Normally Closed.
  • Motor Open/ Capacitor Close
  • Full Port Ball Valve 304SS
  • IP67 Electrical Housing Gives Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Optional UV Shield Available for Outdoor Applications
  • Plug with 5.5 feet of powercord included on sizes 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch
  • Additional materials of construction, voltages and manual override available on special order.

Downloadable Files

CRMBV Weather HousingCRMBV Weather Housing
Quantrol Capacitor Return Motorized Ball ValvesQuantrol Capacitor Return Motorized Ball Valves

Quantrol Motorized Ball Valves with Spring Return

Quantrol motorized ball valves work with cooling tower and boiler controllers to regulate the level of total dissolved solids. When activated by the process controller, the motorized ball valve opens and sends high solids containing “blowdown” to drain. When the blowdown cycle is complete, the controller de-energizes the motorized ball valve and the spring return mechanism drives the ball valve closed.

Motorized ball valves with spring return (MBVSR) offer the following advantages over traditional solenoid valves that have been used widely in the past in this application:

Enhanced Reliability
• MBVSR are less prone to clogging from solids. Valve/ actuator combination gives you positive seating and closure to prevent bypass/ leaks.
• There is no diaphragm to tear or bind
• Less maintenance downtime

Better Process Control
• Enhanced effectiveness of chemical treatment programs because the TDS (total dissolved solids) stay within the control range
• MBVSR’s reduce the risk of scale/ corrosion that will damage equipment
• MBVSR’s save money by reducing the risk of chemical overfeed and excessive water usage.
• Extended run times between cleanings. You will be able to minimize downtime and the cleaning required during scheduled shutdowns.

Easy Changeover from Existing Solenoid Valves to MBVSR’s
• MBVSR are comparably priced to solenoid valves
• Easy retrofit installation. MBVSR are available in broad range of valve sizes, valve types, materials of construction, valve configuration and actuator configurations.
• Compatible with existing process control systems.


  • Available for cooling towers and low pressure boilers
  • Easy retrofit from solenoid valve to MBVSR
  • Additional models available in a range of sizes, materials, electrical etc.
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Better process control

Downloadable Files

Quantrol Spring Return MBV Complete LineQuantrol Spring Return MBV Complete Line
Quantrol Spring Return Motorized Ball Valves 1.25Quantrol Spring Return Motorized Ball Valves 1.25"-3"
Quantrol Spring Return Motorized Ball Valves 1/2Quantrol Spring Return Motorized Ball Valves 1/2"-1"