Quantrol Cartridge Filtration

Side Stream Filtration Guidelines

Side Stream Filtration Guidelines

Cartridge Filter Requirements

1. What is the process that will be filtered (Cooling Tower, Closed-loop or other)?
2. What is the system maximum flow rate (gpm) or the system water capacity in gallons?
3. What is the system maximum temperature?
4. What is the system maximum pressure (psi)?
5. Do you require an ASME certified housing?
6. Do you have a particle analysis?
7. What micron filters are needed? It is recommended to start with a high micron then work your way to the desired lower micron.

Sizing Multi-Cartridge Housings

Method 1 - System Flow Rate (Preferred)
System Flow Rate X 10% = Recommended Housing Flow Rate
Example, 120 GPM System Flow X 10 % = 12 GPM
Choose a Filter Housing/ Cartridge combination rated for => 12 GPM.

Method 2 – System Volume (Use when flow rate is unknown.)
Goal is to filter the entire system volume four times per day.
System Volume / 360
Example 9000 Gallon System Volume / 360 = 25 GPM
Choose a Filter Housing/Cartridge combination rated for => 25 GPM.

Our Quantrol Multi-Cartridge SS Housings Brochure can be used to choose a model that meets the calculated flow requirement

Sizing Single Cartridge Housings

The Quantrol GFHD Series Single Cartridge Housings Brochure can be used for systems requiring 15 GPM or less. In general, it is better to oversize than undersize the filter housing. Housing Flow Rate is calculated figuring 5 gpm per 10” filter cartridge.

Cartridge Guidelines

We recommend Quantrol String Wound Cartridges (SW Series) for closed loops. Micron sizes are typically 50, 20 or 10. For dirty systems start with a 50 micron and decrease micron size gradually with filter changes to avoid blinding filter.

Make sure that the temperature and pressure of the system fall within the specifications of the housing and cartridges. Single cartridge housings are rated to 300 psi. Multiple cartridge housings are rated to 150 psi.

Choose tin core for hot or cold water. Use polypropylene core for cold water (less than 180F.) or chemically aggressive water. Some loops are dual purpose or a facility may have both chilled and hot water loops. Consider stocking tin core only to eliminate the chance of using poly cores in a hot water application.

For high temperature closed loops use cotton (up to 300F) with either tin or SS cores.

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