Carlon Water Meters



The versatile CAR-LOGGER is designed to receive an input signal from a Carlon meter to provide a “real time” flow rate signal as well as the total volume of water passing through the meter. The CAR-LOGGER also provides two independent pulse output signals for inputs to programmable controllers and remote counters, if required for the application.

The CAR-LOGGER can also be ordered with two analog current outputs using industry standard current loop transmitters. These output signals are directly proportional to the flow rate, for data logging and dosing pump conditions.


  • Non volatile memory. No battery required.
  • Easy to read LED digital display
  • Real time flow rates and total volume
  • Can be password protected.
  • Provides information to building management or DCS system

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PP101 Signal Splitter

The Carlon signal splitter provides a means to have separate, independent, isolated circuits signaled from the output pulse signal of a dry contact meter (Carlon JSJ Series, for example) or a reed switch or “hall effect” meter. Sources can be a controller, a remote counter, or some other receiving device.
The unique circuitry of the PP101 is designed to isolate any excessive power supply signal value from the dry contact switch on the meter. Excessive power signals can permanently damage reed or hall effect switches. A wiring terminal strip is provided to offer a variety of components that can be used with the Power Pack 101.


  • Outputs:either (2 dry contacts) or (1 dry contact & 1-24 VAC)
  • 120 VAC
  • Works with Microswitch (Reed switch) or 3 wire hall-effect

Downloadable Files

PP101 Signal SplitterPP101 Signal Splitter
PP101 Signal SplitterPP101 Signal Splitter

Batch Controller

The Carlon Batch Controller provides a means for automatically measuring the amount of water desired for a batch, and an actuating signal to activate the batch processing equipment. The Batch Control eliminates the need for manual measurement and assures proper mixing each time in the desired amount.Batch Control is initiated by the operator pressing the Batch “Start” button. This activates a valve and/or any other batch process equipment such as a chemical pump. The Batch Controller includes an Input Counter for counting the impulses received from a JSJ Electric Contacting Meter, which measures the amount of water to be added to the batch. When the desired amount of water is reached for the batch, the controller automatically turns the pump off and/or closes the valve completing the batch cycle.The size of the batch can be easily varied as needed by programming the counter.

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Carlon Batch ControllerCarlon Batch Controller
PBC Batch ControllerPBC Batch Controller

Remote Counter

Meter with Remote Counter

The Carlon Remote Counter provides a remote reading of the number of pulse contacts through our electric contacting water meter. They are available in resettable or non-resettable versions. The complete system consists of a contacting water meter remotely connected by means of a low voltage two-wire system to the remote reader. The water
meter visually indicates the number of gallons registered through the meter and also generates a switch closure sending a pulse to the remote counter each time the preset gallon per contact (GPC) has been reached. A variety of settings are available on the contacting water meters, after selecting the correct size meter for the desired flow capacity.

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Remote CounterRemote Counter

Programmable Pump Controller

Accurate, reliable and durable controllers are just as important in your water treatment equipment system as are the accurate, reliable and durable water meters. The Programmable Chemical Pump Controllers have an LCD Display suitable for all types of applications feeding chemicals in proportion to water use. PPC Series Pump Controls include both a programmable counter for counting the pulses received from an electric contacting meter and a programming timer for operating the chemical feed pump or valve for the desired length of time. Each counter has its own timer. All counters and timers are programmable as required by the application. LED's indicate when the timer is activated. Programming options included with all models are sequential or simultaneous or minutes or seconds. Historical tracking of input pulses is also available.


  • Chemical feed in direct proportion to water used
  • Automatic compensation for variations in water flow based on pulse signals
  • Easy adjustment of the desired length of the timer output signal
  • Models available to control from 1-3 pumps/ valves

Downloadable Files

Programmable Pump Control ManualProgrammable Pump Control Manual
Programmable Pump ControllersProgrammable Pump Controllers