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Corrosion Rate Sensors

Wireless and Inline Corrosion Rate Sensors

The Pyxis CR-200/300 corrosion rate sensors are ideal for cooling and process water treatment monitoring where robustness and affordability are a must. They measure sample water conductivity directly and compensate for the conductivity impact on the LPR measurement. The CR-200/300 sensors also measure electrochemical noise. The measured noise data is used to calculate an index to quantify the localized corrosion rate also referred to as pitting.

The CR-300, with the addition of a Pyxis Bluetooth Adapter (MA-WB), and the CR-200 can both communicate with any smart device via the uPyxis app. The uPyxis app, available for all smart phones and computers, is used to configure and obtain current sensor readings. Additional diagnostic information is available and can be used for determining the sensor performance or the need for maintenance.

Downloadable Files

2021 Pyxis Product Catalog2021 Pyxis Product Catalog
CR-200/300 Operation ManualCR-200/300 Operation Manual
CR-200/300 Spec SheetCR-200/300 Spec Sheet


The CR-200 is a battery powered and Bluetooth® enabled corrosion sensor for true wireless connectivity. A centralized Bluetooth® enabled display panel available via the BTA-100 for single probe or the BTA-400 for multiple probes can be used to display the readings from an array of CR-200 sensors. The CR-200 makes it possible to monitor corrosion at multiple test points, avoiding the complications of running power and signal output wires from the sensor to a controller and/or display unit. The CR-200 sensor can store up to 6-months’ worth of data that can be wirelessly downloaded to a computer or phone using the uPyxis APP.


The CR-300 is a standalone sensor that can be powered by a 24 VDC power source such as an existing controller or PLC. Comes with a 5-foot extension cable terminated with connectors as well as a 2 foot cable with one end terminated with a connector.