SEKO Cleaning and Hygiene



SEKO has a range of liquid single and multi-machine units to suit most applications including the provision for remote access and data management of a site operation. SEKO’s laundry dosing systems, regardless of the range chosen, offer the most reliable, easy-to-use and resilient models on the market today.

OPL machines
• Peristaltic dosing pumps
• Double/Triple Dosing systems

Commercial machines
• Double/Triple Dosing systems
• Multiple dosing systems

Industrial machines
• Double dosing systems
• Multiple dosing systems

Tunnel machines
• Dosing systems

Multi-washer machines
• Centralized peristaltic multiwasher system
• Centralized pneumatic multi-washer system
• Multi-tunnel system with PLC
• Relay systems for tunnel

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Cleaning and Hygiene CatalogCleaning and Hygiene Catalog