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Surface Blowdown Piping Assembly

The #1 reason for erratic boiler conductivity readings and conductivity probe failure is that the boiler surface blowdown piping arrangement is piped incorrectly. If the surface blowdown piping is not correct, the boiler water will flash to steam at the probe causing incorrect/erratic conductivity readings. Eventually, the probe will fail due to overheating/steam flashing.

Quantrol has a simple solution.
A prefabricated surface blowdown piping arrangement for Time Sample and Sample and Hold surface blowdown that can be used with any 1” or ¾” boiler conductivity probe.


  • Quantrol Surface Blowdown Piping Assembly Only
  • Piping Assembly Mounted on a Prefabricated Stand for Controller and/or Sample Cooler mounting

Downloadable Files

Blowdown Control & Timed Sample Piping Systems BrochureBlowdown Control & Timed Sample Piping Systems Brochure