SEKO Metering Pumps

Solenoid Metering Pumps

Tekna Series Pump Features

• 4 Models cover an output range of 0.1 to 29 GPH with pressure ratings up to 290 PSI.
• Turndown ratio 100:1 using the manual stroke rate control.
• Choice of Analog or Digital controls.
• Installation flexibility with both wall mount and surface mount brackets included.
• Wet end constructed of PVDF Head, PVDF Fittings, Ceramic Balls, FPM Seats and a long life, 1
piece, molded PTFE diaphragm.
• Pump head incorporates an integral manual priming valve.
• Automatic degassing wet end available with PVC Head & Fittings, Ceramic ball checks, FPM
seats and molded Teflon Diaphragm.
• Installation kit included with Foot Valve/Strainer, Injection/Back Pressure Valve, 3/8” PVC Suction
and Polyethylene Discharge tubing.
• Liquid End, User Interface and Wiring are all on the same end of the pump to simplify installation,
operation, and maintenance.
• Chemical resistant, glass reinforced polypropylene enclosure is IP65 and NEMA 4x rated.
• Auto ranging power supply. 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.
• Dry contact low level input with alarm LED.

Downloadable Files

AKL and APG Analog SeriesAKL and APG Analog Series
SEKO Metering Pumps BrochureSEKO Metering Pumps Brochure
TPG and TPR Digital SeriesTPG and TPR Digital Series

AKL Analog Series


  • On/Off Switch
  • Adjustable output via stroke frequency
  • Dual strokes per minute scales for improved low flow resolution
  • Power on LED indicator

APG Analog Series


  • Offers multiple switch selectable control options
  • Manual speed control
  • Proportional feed control via...
  • ◦ 4-20mA signal ◦ Digital pulse input (dry contact water meter) with pulse multiply/divide options

TPG Digital Series


  • Intuitive user interface with 6 button keypad and LCD display
  • Start/Stop button
  • Alarm and stroke LED indicators
  • User selectable operating modes include...
  • ◦Manual ◦4-20mA ◦20-4mA ◦PPM Feed ◦Pulse Divide/Multiply ◦Batch ◦Timer
  • Remote Start/Stop Input
  • Alarm dry contact output
  • 9 languages including English and Spanish

TPR Digital Series


  • Built in pH or ORP control
  • Proportional control, overfeed and alarm setting
  • Alarm dry contact output
  • Alarm and stroke LED indicators
  • Remote Start/Stop input
  • 4-20mA output

kompact AML Series

Adjustable Output
-The flow rate is manually adjustable via speed control from 0 (pump stop) to 100% of the maximum flow rate. It is equipped with a dry contact, low level input with alarm LED. 100:1 turndown ratio

Chemical Resistant Liquid End
-The advanced design and manufacturing process allows the diaphragm to have a long life expectancy
-Liquid End with PVDF/Teflon/Ceramic/FPM materials is compatible with a wide range of chemicals.
-The pump head has an integral manual priming valve.

-kompact pumps are easy to install with the included wall-mount bracket.

Downloadable Files

kompact AML Solenoid Pumps Brochurekompact AML Solenoid Pumps Brochure

TCK Series

3 Operating Modes:

- 7 Day Timer with 10 On/Off Programs
- Volume feed activated manually or by dry contact input (water meter)
- Manual speed control

Downloadable Files

TCK Series PumpsTCK Series Pumps