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JSJ Series Industrial Meters

Carlon JSJ Electric Contacting Industrial Meters measure the water flow and provide a switch closure each time the pre-set amount of water passes through the meter. This signal can be used to actuate pumps, valves, alarms or other equipment involved in the processing system. These all bronze case meters are of the popular Carlon time-proven design…equipped with a cam actuated normally open 10 amp micro-switch and totalizing register.Used in conjunction with a Carlon Timer, Batch or Pump Controls the JSJ meter can provide a control of both the number of gallons desired per cycle and the length of the signal for pump operation, valve opening, etc. They can also be used in conjunction with other types of electrically-actuated water treatment controls.


  • Optional CAR-LOGGER available
  • Optional power pack to signal multiple devices
  • Optional remote counter up to 1000 feet from counter
  • Registrations available: US gallons, cubic feet, Imperial gallons, metric
  • Outstanding low flow accuracy
  • Meets AWWA standards
  • Flow capacities from 0.25 to 160 GPM
  • Standard sizes from 5/8-2 inches
  • Optional meter-mounted timers available

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JSJ Industrial Water MetersJSJ Industrial Water Meters