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MicroVision Boiler Controllers

The MicroVision Boiler Controller delivers comprehensive boiler water control with plug and play simplicity, at outstanding value. This latest addition to the MicroVision family of controllers is configured specifically for boiler water control and utilizes intuitive software which provides simple set-up, while providing state of the art maintenance of the water in your boiler. Features include a reliable temperature compensated conductivity probe, five output relays with selectable timers, scalable 4-20mA output to report conductivity, Hall-effect and pulse water meter inputs and digital drum levels or a flow switch.


  • Output 4-20mA; isolated and scalable
  • Powered relay for Quantrol motorized ball valve
  • Three (3) powered relays for chemical metering pumps
  • Dry contact relay for remote alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy Installation
  • Reliable temperature-compensated conductivity probe
  • Two year warranty

Downloadable Files

MicroVision Boiler Control DiagramMicroVision Boiler Control Diagram
Typical installation diagram for MicroVision Controllers. Includes timed and continuous sample configuration.
Microvision Boiler ControllerMicrovision Boiler Controller
Microvision Boiler ManualMicrovision Boiler Manual

MicroVision Condensate Controllers

The MicroVision Condensate Controller delivers condensate return monitoring with a reliable and accurate temperature compensated conductivity probe. Worry less about installation with ‘plug and play’ simplicity with user friendly easy to use programming to save time and money on equipment installation.

This latest addition to the MicroVision family of controllers is configured specifically for precise measurement of conductivity in the condensate return and protects the boiler feedwater from contamination during condensate upsets.


  • Simple Programming
  • Easy to Use
  • Reliable Low Range Conductivity Probe
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Enclosure

Downloadable Files

MicroVision Condensate ControllerMicroVision Condensate Controller